1. How to avail the loan or credit facility?

  2. How to become a stakeholder?

  3. How to become a member of Tekton?

  4. What are types of business loans?

  5. Will Tekton support startups?

  6. Where is Tekton headquartered?

  7. How can I get in touch with Tekton





  1. Tekton is a cooperative, we are servicing the loan requirements of our members as our mandate. We do service non-members through special arrangement. Know more? visit or call us.

  2. You can become a stakeholder when you avail the product and services of Tekton, more benefits you will enjoy if you are a member at the same time.

  3. To join us, you may check the HOME page and download the membership application form and submit the same with your picture.

  4. For now;  business loans are the following; Livelihood, business expansion, bridging, project and to some occasion, a startup loan.

  5. Tekton supports new business ventures or startups with complete viability study for screening with our Business Development Committee.

  6. Tekton Entre MPC is headquartered at 28 Jereza cor. Burgos Sts, Brgy San Roque, Cebu City, Philippines.

  7. Our Website has the contact address in the Home Page, click the get in touch in the dropdown menu.


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